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Using the New Microsoft Lists

It's finally here! If you follow Microsoft releases like we do… this one has been on the agenda for a long time and after using it for a few weeks, we've got the inside scoop on best uses for it, examples, and how you can even build a notification engine to manage it.


When you first add Lists to a Microsoft Teams Channel you'll be presented with these items to build a list. Most uses are satisfied from the provided templates, but if you're looking for something a little bit more custom you can start with a "Blank List" and reuse it later on other Teams "From existing list".

For the example we setup here we used the "Incidents" template. This template is mostly for urgent or critical incidents that occurred, like calling 911 or an earthquake knocked our your power.  You get an idea of the kind of organization you can have based off status, dates, etc. 

In addition, the option to have "conditional formatting" was available with SharePoint Lists and made it's way to here. This can be extremely helpful to have colors quickly organize what's important to which department.

In addition to our list, we setup a Flow that runs once a day. Every morning an email goes out to the folks that have a list item assigned to them due tomorrow and any due today.

If you're looking to implement workflow automation like this in your company, we offer these services at no additional cost to our customers. Click here to learn more.

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