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Top 5 Problems When Doing a Migration Yourself

​Email and Office 365 migrations can range from pretty simple to very complicated depending on the type of migration. Now, I say this lightly as this would be a professional's mindset towards migrations, but if you have never done a migration or are not experienced in the process, they all can be complicated.

There are so many issues that can arise when attempting to do this yourself and some real damage can be done to the email tenant if not done properly. We can't stress enough that it is highly recommended to find an experienced professional to do migrations for you. Here are the Top 5 problems that you can have when attempting this on your own:

  1. Not having a solid migration plan - This is crucial when tackling a migration and it really takes experience to be able to lay out the right plan. This isn't something that you want to fly by the seat of your pants on!
  2. Not properly communicating the migration plan to end user - A migration like this can affect the user in many different ways, including downtime, and it can be a real burden on the work day. In the past, we've seen miscommunications happen with migrations and the user ends up paying the price since they were not aware.
  3. Not migrating all necessary data to the new host - This can lead to missing user accounts, groups, files shares, etc. 
  4. Premature mail flow cutover - Since there can be potential downtime, you want to make sure that the cutover is properly planned and timely. We like to talk to the user about this so they can plan accordingly.
  5. Not properly identifying any third party dependencies - These need to be prepared properly to connect to the new host. This can include CRM's printer/scanners/fax, phone systems, etc.

Now these are just some of the most important and common problems that an unexperienced person can run in to, in our opinion. There are still many more problems that can arise from different things like lack of instruction on the new platform, incorrect management of DNS settings during cutover, and even simply rushing the migration. It would be best to try to avoid doing any of these things to ensure your migration goes smoothly, and having a professional do this would be the best option.

RyanTech has A LOT of migration experience, so if you are considering attempting one on your own, or have already tried to do it and failed, reach out to us and we can discuss how we can help get it done for you.

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