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RyanTech Does Custom Development Too!

​Did you know that RyanTech does custom development?! Along with the amazing email and cloud services that we offer, we can also build custom tools for your business that work within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. We take what you may already be paying for and use those tools to custom build something that accomplishes your workflow goals. Even better, this is all built in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere!

I know what you're thinking, " what is custom development in M365?" Here's the answer: We use the tools and applications already available to us within M365 and custom build something for you to match what you are looking to do. Whether it be automation, workflow processes, a company intranet, and even a mobile app, we can do it all, and it will work seamlessly with applications that you are already using. 

Here are some examples of custom development that we have done:

  • Build an entire company intranet with Planner integrations and custom pages based on what you would like to share within the site
  • Build a quoting system that generates quotes automatically based on selected data on any mobile device/computer
  • Build a payroll calculator that generates company payroll reports and calculations based on an imported payroll spreadsheet or data
  • Build a portal for work order generation that produces a live work order on the spot based on selections such as inventory, price and customer data
  • Website and app development of any kind

These are very common examples of what has been done and they only scratch the surface of what can be done. We love vetting out custom development projects with you and coming up with great solutions that are smart, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. With our experience in M365, we are able to find the best solution for what you are wanting to accomplish. In other words, the answer is never "no, that can't be done," but instead it's "absolutely, let us figure out the best way!"

If you have an idea or something that you have wanted to get custom built for you, please send it over our way. We love hearing your ideas and realizing them into something that works best for your business!

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