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Microsoft OneDrive Mobile App

Have you tried to find good training content on the web and ran into walls​? We certainly have, and we've heard a lot of customers tell us the same. At RyanTech, we want to make sure that our customers are receiving the best, most comprehensive training that they can get! We have many customers who have never used Microsoft products before, and we want to ensure a seamless transition when starting to use a new platform as extensive as Microsoft​.

Cloud file storage is now the norm in businesses and only continues to get more popular. OneDrive is Microsoft's solution and it couldn't be more comprehensive. OneDrive allows you to store and protect your files, share them with other users, and access them from anywhere from any device, all the while being extremely secure and protected in the cloud. It acts as your personal file storage for your business files as well as a collaboration tool with sharing and working on files with colleagues. One of the many great things about OneDrive is that it can also be used on-the-go with the OneDrive Mobile App! You can perform all the same functions on your mobile device when not in the office in front of a computer. It can be accessed from anywhere!

RyanTech Learn

What is RyanTech Learn?

RyanTech Learn is a website that we created to offer to customers that need extensive training on Microsoft 365 products and services. We offer many videos on how to use and do specific fucntions on apps like Outlook, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. Users can save videos in their library for easy access as well as simply searching and clicking for videos as needed. We focus on highly used applications and funtions that are used daily, while addressing common questions that we receinve on how to do certain things. All courses on the RyanTech Learn site are curated by our team of Microsoft experts with years of experience, so the user can feel confident that they are getting the right information. The best part....IT'S FREE!!!!

​What to expect in our OneDrive Mobile App training...

Since we know that most people using OneDrive will also need to use the OneDrive mobile app as well, we wanted to make sure that we had detailed training on how to use the mobile app and explain how seemless it can be while transferring from your PC to your mobile device. In this training video, you can expect to learn open, navigate and use the OneDrive Mobile App. We show you how to add new files via the application (upload, scan, photo, and more!), and how you can view your folders and files on the mobile app in the same way that you will see them on your computer. Of course, the UI will look a little different on the mobile app, but the functionality does not change. Feel comfortable being able to run your business while out and about!

Please click on the GIANT link above :) to access our Learn site to see what it's all about. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about it, and we can even take suggestions on what training video you would like to see on the site next!! RyanTech is here to help wherever we can, and we think that this new RyanTech Learn site is another way we can pass our infinite knowledge of Microsoft products and tools off to you!

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