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How to Stay Secure With Work From Home Solutions

In our current climate, more businesses are moving employees to work from home than ever before. Once access is enabled for remote employees, security should be the #1 concern. If your employees have ways to access internal systems remotely, then hackers do too.


At RyanTech we focus on maximizing security through a number of ways.

1.  Role-based access is extremely important. Only allow access to the items your employees really need. We encourage the use of Office 365 group-based access so you can manage access by department, job position, etc.

2.  MFA enhanced account access. This simply adds another step that is difficult to bypass for hackers.

3.  Protecting employees through enhanced mail flow rules. Stop the hacker before they reach a user.

4.  RyanTech’s AI Security Tool. If a hacker gets through and gains access successfully, our tool alerts, tracks any changes and even tracks the location of the hacker to block their access to your business. 


This isn’t meant to be a complete list of security practices but gives you an idea of how you can protect your employees in the Cloud.

We aren’t another business trying to sell you stuff, we have seen an increase in attempted breaches and want to see every business protected. We’re happy to do free assessments of your security, current best practices, etc. Let us know how we can help by sending us a chat below.

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