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Explore a Migration From O365 Commercial to O365 Government

​Do you qualify for O365 Government licensing? Are you thinking about exploring a migration from O365 Commercial to Government? There are many advantages of going to Microsoft GCC licensing if qualified, but we get a lot of questions about what it entails and how it can help or hurt your business and business functions.

First things first, a business has to qualify for GCC or GCC High licensing before jumping in to it. This requires an application to be filled out and submitted with certain criteria that the business needs to meet, including background checks if applicable. Any company that does business with a government entity or handles data subject to government regulations should be able to qualify for GCC. It is important to note that there are different levels of GCC and the criteria that is submitted will determine what level your business will qualify for.

Once qualified and approved for GCC, the process of migrating a commercial tenant to a government tenant is no different that any other tenant to tenant migration. We would gain Global Admin access to the current tenant, set up the accounts in the new tenant and migrate the data over in batches. There are no extra steps to migrate into a Government tenant.

The advantages of moving to GCC can be great for your business:

  1. Meet U.S. compliance and security standards by default
  2. Support response time from Microsoft is faster
  3. Level of included support is greater for GCC
  4. Support security levels from within Microsoft are heightened for any support requests
As for disadvantages, there are not many, but a few things to consider:

  1. The process to get qualified for GCC can take time
  2. Tenant wide restrictions that will not allow certain features or functionality. For example, in GCC High, it is not possible to set up PSTN calling or conferencing for security purposes

If you think your business qualifies for GCC or GCC High, it might be good idea to explore it. RyanTech is an official GCC license reseller and can consult with you if you have any questions about going in that direction.

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