SPAM is annoying and expensive!  Our surveyed employees reported that they used to spend an average of 3 to 5 minutes per day dealing with SPAM.   When multiplied by an average of 20 working days per month, that equals 100 minutes per month X number of our employees.  When we factored that in and calculated what we pay our employees per hour, we knew we needed to do something.  We were LOSING MONEY due to excessive SPAM!   Now that we have Microsoft’s Exchange Online with its robust SPAM filtration and RyanTech’s exceptional support, the solution practically pays for itself.

John Sans
SWS, Inc.

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Having the ability to send large files sizes up to 35MB is an absolute must in today's E-commerce driven world. I’m constantly sharing large files with our marketing agencies and other affiliates. Microsoft Exchange Online is a total solution for sending file attachments without the hassle of a third-party file sharing service.

Now, my dealers don’t have to take the time to downsize large files or vehicle photos before sending them to a client. Our marketing department can easily send out print campaigns with a click of a button. Knowing that Microsoft also backs all their services with award winning security and 99% up-time means no crashing emails with the privacy our industry demands.

Matthew Showalter
Showalter Motor Company

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With our old email provider, we were unable to send large contracts/deals via email.  Now with Microsoft Exchange Online e-mail, we are able to send and receive files up to 35MB each and with Microsoft’s world class SPAM filtration, our staff can concentrate on selling cars instead of filtering through SPAM

Matt Higgins
General Manager
Naperville Italian Motorworks

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We are a one roof top dealer with a satellite repair shop about 2 miles from the dealership. We were searching for a new alternative with email to replace a remote POP3 email service. I had looked into an Exchange server which is costly by itself then there’s the backups and maintenance cost associated. We looked into Google business which the cost was comparable to the Microsoft.

I think one of the best things about RyanTech Cloud Services is the customer service. Everyone is eager to roll their sleeves up and help out. Everything has growing pains. When we first signed on we had some issues with our MX record from our DNS management team and they just couldn’t get the correct settings to sync up our Office 365 account with domain name. With a quick call, the support team was there to help and in a collaborative manner resolved the issue. We also have a few computer challenged individuals that needed some remedial instruction and RyanTech Cloud Services was always there to assist.

Dan Matranga
Lawless, Inc.
Business Development Director

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More Testimonials....

After working through many system migrations, I was gratified that Patrick Hawksley, Kevin McMillen and the rest of the Ryantech support team were so knowledgeable and professional. With their assistance we migrated over 500 users in the Curry Automotive group of 10 dealerships and 11 individual email domains to Microsoft Exchange with active directory integration. Additionally Ryantech is currently supporting us in our Office365 initiative where we are moving from locally shared spreadsheets and documents to MS SharePoint and team collaboration. I would recommend Ryantech for any similar IT project in a heartbeat.
— Bruce F. Weinberg Director - Information Technology Curry Management Corp.

Our goal was the migration our organization to an Office 365 environment. This included 10 locations and 11 email domains. Kevin McMillan’s team at RyanTech has been extremely helpful in guiding us through a lengthy and difficult transition. Patrick Hawksley has consistently responded to all support requests in a timely manner; often within an hour.
— Eric Goche, Systems Analyst, Curry Management Corporation

If Patrick leaves, I am leaving! From the onset, everything from the initial setup call, to the mundane maintenance on our account- has been superb. I could not wish for better customer service.
— Kristian, Volvo of Tampa